Mali Moir

Freelance botanical, scientific and natural history artist.

I have a keen interest in the artistic interpretation of natural history themes.

I primarily work on paper using traditional techniques whilst aiming for a fresh contemporary look. My work is a combination of my fascination for science and natural history with my desire to render works of art with beauty, character and scientific merit.

In Melbourne I conduct courses teaching  botanical watercolour painting, microscopic dissection drawing and vellum painting in association with Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens. I also tutor at other private art groups on a regular basis and am available to tutor workshops on request.

I studied fine art at Prahran College, Victoria in 1979 majoring in printmaking, and studied horticulture and botanical illustration at V.C.A.H. Burnley 1986-89. Working at the National Herbarium of Victoria since 1992 as a botanical illustrator I have aimed to combine botanical and horticultural knowledge with artistic skills, contributing pen and ink drawings for the Flora of Australia, Flora of Victoria, Mulleria and other scientific publications. Working closely with botanists in this area I have come to understand the importance of scientific accuracy, the fundamentals of precise measurement and thorough depiction of detail.

I have exhibited widely in Australia and internationally and have produced many works for commission with paintings held in private, public and corporate collections.

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Thank you for visiting the Mali Moir web page and this is a summary of all that we do: 

  • Botanical Art Teacher
    • Painting : Painting Vellum, Painting water colour
  • Botanical artists
    • Drawing : Drawing ink, Drawing natural science, Drawing pencil, Drawing scientific
    • Painting : Painting insects, Painting mixed media, Painting natural science, Painting scientific, Painting Vellum, Painting water colour
    • Sculpture : Sculpture bronze, Sculpture wax



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