Palaeobotanical Art - Stephen Caine

Botanical Art reconstructing extinct plant life by making models and illustrations

Working mainly for Museums and University's reconstructing extinct plant life making models and illustrations.

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NO 1 fOSSILE FLORA   von Wien.

With added watercolour reconstructions.


 Above image - Fossil tertiary leaves - 19th Century Style Drawing using Wolffs Carbon Pencils

Stephen has worked for museums and universities for around thirty years and still carries on this work as a natural history conservator and preparator complimenting his main interest and specialization in palaeobotanical art work. Recently he was working on a body of work for an exhibition of fossil leaves from the Tertiary Period which are housed in the National Museum of Scotland. These were collected from Spitsbergen in the late 1800s and early 1900s by the explorer Bruce.

The fossil tertiary leaf drawings are now in the permanent collection at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh botanical library and can be viewed on request. Now working on Carboniferous plants for a University in the USA.

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